Flourishing Motherhood

Hello friends and welcome to the Flourishing Motherhood blog! If you are interested in nutrition, wellness, plants, adventures and maybe a few laughs and cries you are in the right place. Flourishing Motherhood seeks to create a space where not every momma has to look alike in order to flourish in their own motherhood.

There are a million different places you can find travel advice and nutrition ideas, but how many of them feel sustainable? The driving force behind Flourishing Motherhood is “practicality”. As mothers we all know how difficult it can be to make changes or try to set rhythms in our daily life. When I became a mom I spent hours and hours researching baby foods, organic mattresses , flying with infants, alternative medicines, DIY sunscreen- you name it- I was searching for it. What I realized in all of my research was how difficult it was to feel like any of it was sustainable. How in the world were we, as a single income family of 4, going to be able to do it all. Short answer- you can’t do it all. But there are ways we can flourish- YOU can flourish in the things you love and I want to help provide the resources to do so.

Flourishing in motherhood is going to look different for every woman but that’s the beauty of it all. My love for travel and my love for healthy living didn’t have to be put on hold just because I had children. In fact, those loves have grown with family! Yes they changed and morphed with our stages of life but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My Story

Hello friends! My name is Meg McCardel Thompson and I am the momma behind Flourishing Motherhood. This journey really began back  in high school when I realized I realized I was only 15 and already considered “obese”. I didn’t quite know where to start but I did know I had to change the trajectory of my life. Slowly but surely I started to learn all about the human body, what fuels it, how to move it and eventually how to nurture it in order to thrive and not just survive.

This drive for understanding the body eventually lead me to my degree in Community Health and Health Education and then to my first big girl job as a Nutrition Counselor for pregnant, lactating and postpartum mommas as well as their children from 0-5.

But my struggle with obesity was not the only battle I was going to fight and at 24 a 7.5cm tumor was found on my right ovary and the word “cancer” started to become a real. That’s a story for another day, but long story short, I am cancer free and plan on being till the day I meet Jesus. This was the final push that not only threw me into inspecting what goes into my body but especially what goes into my children’s body now that I am a momma to two precious flowers.

In addition to practical healthy living tips I also have traveled to 8 different countries with my two children (some with my husband and some with out) and love to share how traveling with kids can not just be possible but be fun! My mission is to provide a space that any momma can be equipped with the tools they need to to live healthy and adventurous lives in practical ways. Let’s come along side of each other and flourish in our motherhood!

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