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Meet Meg From Flourishing Motherhood 

discovering ways to flourish in motherhood: Natural Living, Nutrition & Adventuring as a Family.

flourishing motherhood blog

Hey, I’m Meg!

I cannot remember a time in life when I was not itching for an adventure. The second I could travel I would, but in between my travels I decided I would put another passion of mine into practice, health! With my background in community health and my experience as a Nutrition Counselor, I decided I wanted to make a platform where I could share these things. A lesson I learned early on in motherhood was that I didn’t have to sideline what I loved to do when my kids entered the picture, I could include them! I could flourish in my motherhood, and so can you! 

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Welcome to Flourishing Motherhood where I share everything from home-birth to gut-health and all the family fun adventures in between! 

The navy moved Cam, my husband, and I to an awesome coastal city, Norfolk, VA. Here we have had three children and spend out days tending to our backyard chickens, walking to the beach, gardening and planning our next great adventure.

About Me

I am a pastors kid, one of 6 kid, who spent a majority of my childhood surfing, swimming and dreaming of packing up and flying to far away lands. 

I went to college in Jacksonville, FL where I got my degree in Community Health and landed my first big girl job as a Nutrition Counselor for pregnant/ nursing women and children from 0-5 years old.

I am obsessed with healthy, clean living and have an have cuboards dedicated to kombucha making, apple cider vinegar brewing, and sauerkraut fermenting and DIY cleaning products. 

Ancestral eating is a cornerstone at our house so if you opened my refrigerator you’d find grown or locally sourced veggies and weird things like oxtail, beef liver, chicken feet and marrow bones.

In my house you will always find little jars in windowsills where I’m propagating herbs, you will see fresh glitter glue smears on the wall where my artsy little girls have been playing, and you will smell herby delicious simmering bone broth. 

Although my husband is currently a pilot and I am currently a group personal trainer, we both hope to be entrepreneurs one day and side-by-side raise our family. 

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My instagram is where you will find our crazy quirky lives and my day to day homemaking and adventures! 

flourishing motherhood blog

Random Facts About Us!

Two of my three kids where born in my living room.

My Florida hometown is shark bite capital of the WORLD.

Cam is an only child, born from only children. I am from 6 kids, born from two parents of 6 kids!

I have been traveled to 20 countries and studied abroad in Egypt where I studies Arabic.

I took my first born to three different countries when she was 5 months old. 

I struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum all three pregnancies.

My husband and I met rock climbing when we were 20. 

Thank you for visiting me at Flourishing Motherhood!

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