Important Questions to Ask Your Midwife Before a Home Birth

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Considering a home birth and trying to compile an important list of questions for your midwife? Here is my list I created from my own experiences and from the research I did before my home births!

important questions to ask your midwife before your home birth.

Sometimes birth can be a little bit daunting, especially if this is your first round! If you are considering a home birth and need a little guidance in the important questions to ask your midwife before a home birth I have got you covered!

Below I have assembled a downloadable list you can print off of questions I thought was helpful to find the best Midwife for our home birth and the needs of our family.

Midwifery Interview Questions for a Home Birth:

How many years have you been practicing?

How many babies do you deliver on average monthly?

Are you a Nurse Midwife?

Where did you receive certification?

Are you state licensed?

Do you have backup midwives or birth assistants?

How many appointments will I have per trimester?

What do you or your practice offer-ie. ultrasounds, bloodwork, screening, non-stress-test testing?

What will my insurance cover from start to finish?

Will my family be allowed to attend my appointments?

Do you have a mask policy and what are the guidelines?

Will you do home visits, if so, when?

Do you have or use a fetoscope?

Do you require the use of dopplers?

Do you require an ultrasound and/or vaginal exams?

Do you require the gestational diabetes test? Is there any alternative to the Glucola drink?

Do you test for GBS+? What is the course of treatment if a mom is positive?

Do you offer water births? If so do you provide the tub?

Do you do VBACs?

Do you allow home births for multiples?

How long after my due date would you allow me to go?

At what point would I become too high risk to work with?

Which physicians are you affiliated with in case of transfer of care because I’m too high risk?

What percent of your patients end up with a hospital transfer?

Do you practice delayed cord clamping?

What does the 1st hour after birth look like? Do you encourage skin-to-skin contact with baby and mom?

What is your postpartum care plan for myself and baby?

Do you encapsulate placentas?

What was the most successful birthing experience you were involved in?

Have you ever lost a baby or mother during a delivery?


I hope this was helpful! If you can think of any other good questions to ask please post them in the comments!

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