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3 Fun Day Trips From Norfolk, VA

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Everybody loves a good road trip right?! Well, maybe not everyone- but I for one love a good day trip out of my city of Norfolk. And I am here to give you 3 fun day trips from Norfolk, VA you and the family might like as well!

Crozet, VA

Located just 12 miles outside of Charlottesville, Crozet is a small city that is home to my favorite little mountain gem, Chiles Peach Orchard. But guess what?! Chiles isn’t only an orchard and it doesn’t only grow peaches! 

Chiles Peach Orchard grows all different kinds of fruit that you can harvest yourself! In the Spring, you can harvest your own juicy ripe berries, in the summer they offer clip your own flowers. You can also pick veggies and the most delicious, mouth-watering peaches you have ever tasted. In the fall, our absolute FAVORITE thing to do is pick apples and cut our own pumpkin right off the vine! The kids absolutely love hunting through the patch to find the best (and usually biggest) pumpkin.

day trips from Nofolk VA

My husband and I love Chiles for so many reasons, one of them being how peaceful it feels. It sits in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the humble rolling hills set the backdrop to the land. Unlike its impressive and popular sister branch, Carter Mountain Orchard, Chiles is more modest in the amount of space and therefore is much calmer, and less busy and overwhelming.

Day trips from Norfolk

After you are done picking you MUST stop by their shop to buy a few (or few dozen) apple cider donuts, fresh pie, and peach milkshakes- I cannot think of a single thing I have eaten from their shop that I have not loved! And only a few steps away is their Bold City Tap Room. After a hot summer’s day of picking peaches what could be better than sipping on an ice-cold pint of fresh hard cider, crushed and crafted right there, in the backyard of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Richmond, VA

The food, the drink, the art, the nature- what is there not to love about Richmond, VA?!

Richmond is located 44 miles west of Williamsburg and is one of America’s oldest major cities. There are rich historical spots like the American Civil War Museum and the Beaver Dam Creek Battlefield, and family fun attractions like Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure. But when I go to Richmond, I am going for three things- A good drink, a delicious meal, and an escape into nature. 

Have you ever tubed down the James River? WELL YOU SHOULD. It’s a blast! Richmond offers more than 550 acres of shoreline and islands, including most of the fall line of the James River. For my 30th birthday, I booked a tubing adventure with Riverside Outfitters and floated down the James River with a group of my best friends. It took a little over two hours and we had a blast. The best part, however, was the rope swing we found on a shoreline! 

day trips from Norfolk

If you are looking for an exciting way to beat the heat this summer- get yourself a tube and float on!

Colonial Williamsburg

Ok, I’ll admit it- I hate “touristy” feeling places- but Colonial Williamsburg is one of my exceptions! And there are many reasons why.

day trips from Norfolk

First and foremost, it is beautifulllll. Especially in Autumn, when the leaves have turned and you get to drive through the glorious collage of golds, yellows, and reds the leaves have produced… it’s just lovely. The cobblestone streets and the way Colonial Williamsburg has preserved its land are also really neat to explore. You can pay to get the full experience and hear all about the history and the different trades and roles they had. If you are looking for something free you can simply stroll down the old streets and stop by some of their old fashion candy stores or window shop.

day trips from Norfolk

The locals will tell you, and I agree, The Cheese Shop is a must if you are looking for a lunch spot. They have earned their 5 stars from Frommer’s Travel Guide from using only the highest quality meats and cheeses and their freshly baked bread. Under the cheese shop is a wine cellar with wine that spans the globe. The staff are professional, friendly and can find you just the wine of your dreams. I personally will always be loyal to them for finding me my absolute favorite bottle of wine “Vajra Langhe Rosso”.

Speaking of wine, if you are a wine snob and want to get really nerdy, Williamsburg is home to Williamsburg Winery . Here you can sample and taste some of the best local wine Virginia has to offer. 

Have you made a fun day trip out of Norfolk, VA?! Drop a comment below and tell me where!





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