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3 Shockingly Safe and Nutrient Dense First Baby Foods

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Most people you will talk to in the States will say their kids first baby foods were things like, rice cereals, oatmeal, applesauce or some concoction of pureed and preserved veggies.

Unfortunately, what most people DON’T know is that these foods probably contributed to their children current food allergies, suppressed immune system, and heaps gut health issues.

Here you will learn 3 nutritious and safe foods to feed your baby that will nourish instead of harm.

# 1. Liver

Breastmilk contains very little iron but this mineral is critical for a baby’s growth and development. Good news- Liver has plenty!

Rich in iron, minerals, choline, and B vitamins and especially all-important B6 and B12, liver is one of the most nutrient packed foods on earth.

Contrary to popular understanding, MEATS are actually easier to digest then vegetables! It’s not that veggies are bad, its just that fiber can be a little too complex for our babies intestines in the early phases.

It might be uncommon in the standard American diet but this superfood can be found anywhere from you local Whole Foods Market, farm, or even butcher.

Don’t let this food intimidate you! Cooking liver is just as easy as cooking any kind of meat. I normally simmer mine in some bone broth for about 6 minutes and puree it alone or with some avocado for a little extra punch.

If your babies are anything like mine they might be a little skeptical the first few meals but after the third or fourth try they’ll inhale it!

#2. Bone Broth

If you think bone broth is only for stuffy noses and scratchy throats think again!

Babies intestines are still being developed therefore what goes into their gut leaks into their bloodstream. This is a very helpful thing when breastfeeding because it allows mom’s antibodies and enzymes to enter the baby’s bloodstream increasing their immunity.

Bone broth not only can be digested easily but is rich in calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Additionally broth contains collagen which helps to “seal” the gaps a baby’s intestinal walls still naturally have.

You might be worried that it will be hard to incorporate into your baby’s diet but it’s easier then you think!

I use it to steam my veggies, cook liver, and even stir it in with some soft boiled egg yoke for a nutrition filled meal for my littles.

I personally like to make my own bone broth but Thrive Market has a great selection of affordable broths.

#3. Egg Yolk

Easy to prepare, convenient to find and packed full of protein, fats and minerals like biotin and iron!

Obviously eggs are our go to foods for more reasons then one!

There are not many places to go wrong with this one. Boil, scramble mash or puree, and your little ones will gobble this food up!

My girls never were a fan of the hard-boiled chalky yolk, so I used the soft boiled approach and if the consistency was a little thick I’d mix in some breastmilk or bone broth to thin it out.

Scrambled eggs are also a GREAT first finger food with baby lead weaning. Toss some onto a tray and watch their fine motor skills be put to use as they attempt to shove tiny bits into their mouth.

So there you have it! Always remember it takes a baby 10-12 times of trying something to even know if they like it! Eating is a new adventure for them, keep trying SAFE and NUTRITIOUS baby foods and your little ones will eventually get the hang of it!

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