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Why You Should Eat MORE Butter?

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Should I Eat More Butter?

You should- and here is why!

Where you raised in the “fat free” generation like me?? Well, thank God that’s over right! In this post I am going to talk all things butter and why you should smoother your food in butter!

Understanding Fats

If you want to know about butter you have to understand the CRUCIAL role fat has in your kids diet. Fat is beneficial in more ways then one, in fact, without fat, we cannot even absorb other nutrients! Butter itself is actually full of nutrient like vitamin A, D, E and K. But not all vitamins are absorbed the same. Bioavailability might sound like a scary word but it just means- how able, how available is this nutrient to my body? The vitamin A properties of butter are not just high but are very bioavailable (and delicious)!

Immune System Booster

Speaking of vitamin A, this nutrient is essential to a healthy immune system. In addition, the chains of fatty acids found in butter (short and medium chain fatty acids) also play a big role in strengthening your kids immune system. What you need to be aware of is “hydrogenated fats” (fake butter). These fats actually have the opposite affect and the excess of long chain fatty acids actually a deteriorating affect in the immune system!

Strong Bones and Teeth

Want your kids to absorb calcium more efficiently? Vitamins A and D in butter are essential to absorbing calcium. Keep your kids bones and teeth strong and healthy by buying not just good quality whole milk, but good quality butter as well! Ands here’s another bonus! Butter has anti-cariogenic effects and protects against tooth decay(1)! *insert slow clap*

Gut Health

You guys know I can hardly make a post with out talking about the importance of gut health. Not to repeat myself but if your kids have a healthy gut- they will have a healthy immune system and a healthy brain! Butter contains a special category of fatty acids that protect against GI infection– ESPECIALLY our babies and toddlers! Did you know that children who drink WHOLE milk are 3 to 5 times less likely to suffer from diarrhea (2). The cholesterol in butter also promotes the healthy of the intestinal wall which in turn gives added protection against colon cancer. The short and medium fatty acid chains (not the long ones in fake butter) actually help protect against pathogens and have strong anti-fungal effects. You know what that means! Well maybe you don’t- butter can help in the treatment of the dreaded candida overgrowth.


The fats in butter do not- I repeat- do not- turn into the fat in your body (aka adipose tissue). That fat is mainly comprised of long fatty acids chains and refined carbs. Butter’s short and medium fatty acids are used for quick energy. And because butter is rich in nutritional value, it keeps our kids fuller longer! Can I get an amen?

Brain Development

Few things can be more important to our children’s developing brains then proper fats. I know the word cholesterol just makes you think of oatmeal commercials, but cholesterol is absolutely essential for brain function and growth. The cholesterol in butter is also needed for a healthy nervous system. Our children need this kind of healthy fat in thier beginning years more than ever.

So there you have it! Add that butter to your slice of sourdough in the morning, pile it onto your steamed spinach and drizzle it over your butternut squash!

My Favorite Butter

Not all butter us created equally! This Kerrygold Butter is my absolute favorite! Packed with nutrient dense fat and vitamins, free from harmful hormones and chemicals. You will absolutely LOVE this butter, I promise.

Comment below if you have questions or any unique ways of getting butter into your kids diet!

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