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10 Protein Packed Snacks for Kids

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Want to avoid the sugar crashing and hanger rages of your children (and maybe yourself)? Then let’s talk about how we can swap out insulin spiking  snacks with some healthy high protein goodies!

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We have all heard it 1000 times- carbs are not filling! Our bodies burn through them quickly and typically leave us feeling unsatisfied with a nasty crash. Protein on the other is not just filling, but it is an important building block of the body and is essential for cell regeneration and repair. Here are my top 10- Let’s jump in!




This snack is not only fun and nutritious but its SO simple! Literally all you need is a glass jar or bowl, 3-4 tablespoons of chia seeds, any form of 1 cup of milk, and I use a few drops of vanilla stevia drops to sweeten and flavor it. I add all of the ingredients and let it sit and soak for a few hours and it’s done!



Peanuts, tree nuts, cashews, you name it- its got a lot of protein! Depending on how old your child is, this is a great snack and its not temperature dependent! I always have some nuts in my purse, diaper bag and car. My toddler in particular loves shelling peanuts and eating them. It helps her with her fine motor skills, keeps her busy (and gives me a breath) and also provides those healthy fats!



Yogurt can be an amazing snack for you and your little but- and this is a big but- read the label! Sugar is sneaky and you want to buying FULL fat and low sugar yogurt! You can also add a few berries for a little punch or some of those extra chia seeds you have from that chia seed pudding you might have made ;).



Many of the granola bars we have thought we healthy snacks for our kids are actually not as filling and nutritious as we thought! I have recently found some organic hemp seed bars from Trader Joes that I’m obsessed with! They only have 3 grams of added sugar and they are a quick fast bar to hand the kids when you are in a bind or need to keep the kids awake while you drive home (I know you know what I mean- car snacking is the only way I can keep my kids from spoiling their naps).



Our family will eat cheese in form- at any time of the day. Recently instead of paying a pretty penny for organic prepackaged cheese sticks I have just been buying a block of grass fed cheese from the grocery store and cutting it into long cubes when the girls need a snack! Healthy, filling and less expensive then prepackaged cheese sticks!


nut butter

This is probably my go to snack when I have little kids at my feet begging for food as I am cooking dinner! Just a quick scoop into a nut butter jar and send them on their happy way! Another nifty snack essential are Justin’s butter squeeze packs. It’s just like a ketchup packet but instead of ketchup there is 1.15 oz of deliciously flavored nut butters.



Cottage cheese is fun because it can go savory or sweet depending on how you want to top it! I have gone through salsa phases and honey phases but most of the time I just cut up whatever fruit I have in my fridge and my girls can’t get enough! Plus, because cottage cheese is a “cultivated” dairy product so it especially high in protein, 11-12 grams in just one serving!



Hummus is a great source of protein for you vegan momma’s out there! This dish is comprised mostly of chick peas which not only are high in protein but rich in fiber as well. I like eating it with peppers but my girls prefer eating it with a spoon! And here is another little #momhack– Thrive Market sells 4 packs of little 2 oz hummus and they are a perfect snack for on the go protein.



I could write a book about how amazing eggs are for you but for now I will just focus on the protein- 5 grams! Sometimes I boil a dozen eggs on Sunday so we can snack on them through out the week. They are full of vitamins, filling and delicious!



Love them or hate them- peas have 8.5 grams of protein per cup! I always have a bag of these in my freezer just in case I need something fast to heat up for the girls that won’t make a mess! And, like the peanut shelling, it keeps my little ones busy whether they are eating or playing with them!

So there you go momma’s hopefully you find which snacks work for your family on your road to health! Happy Eating!

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Hello, I’m Meg Thompson, a wife, mother, and nutrition counselor who is passionate about equipping families in their health journey through practical and simple ways. Healthy living is so important! So let's not making it harder then it has to be. Join me as I share helpful and convenient ways to improve yours and your children's diets!

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