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Fool Proof Ways To Incorporate Veggies Into Every Kid Meal

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veggies into every kids meal

I can’t speak for all momma’s out there but when I first started feeding my daughter food I realized right away getting her to eat more vegetables was going to take some planning. 

Let me walk you through different ways to get more veggies out in front of your children and help make you feel less overwhelmed with the process.

Veggies At Every Meal

I know this might sound crazy to some people. I mean what am I going to do- add some steamed broccoli to my kids waffles?? Not exactly… but there are a couple of different ways I get vegetables into every meal and here’s how.


Having backyard chickens means my girls are eating eggs for breakfast quite often. And honestly, this is the easiest way I start them off with veggies. I simple add them to the eggs before I scramble them!

I started with frozen spinach (fresh works just as well). I would just sprinkle it into the eggs as I beat them and cooked them like I normally do and my girls would gobble them up! Then one day I ran out and used cauliflower rice instead! What a hit- it almost reminds me of eating eggs with hash browns!

This might take some experimenting but really any vegetable would would! You could chop or grate almost any vegetable (zucchini, broccoli be creative) into your eggs and make a delicious meal.

If time is you issue think about whipping some veggie egg muffins during the weekend and save them in the fridge to pull out and heat up in the morning! 👇🏽




Our lunch looks different everyday. Somedays it’s left overs, sometimes it’s some sliced meat and cheese, and others it’s a peanut butter wrap. Regardless of what it is I always give an option of vegetables no matter how random the lunch.

My go to lunch veggie is sliced avocado. It’s quick to prepare and requires no prep or cooking- plus the health benefits are amazing! If I’m out of avocado however I usually keep a bag of frozen veggies in my freezer or a convenient steam bag of vegetables in my fridge and I normally smother them in some delicious kerry gold butter and salt.


Dinner is probably the easiest meal to get a veggie on the table. As adults, it tends to be our biggest and most traditional meal. However, kids typically eat less for dinner time than any other meal of the day so don’t miss out on the morning and afternoon opportunities.

If you need tips on how to make incorporating healthy options a little easier for the family head over to my post 5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Child’s Diet. Offering choices between different veggies, dipping sauces and butter will go a long way! 


Happy Eating!

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Hello, I’m Meg Thompson, a wife, mother, and nutrition counselor who is passionate about equipping families in their health journey through practical and simple ways. Healthy living is so important! So let's not making it harder then it has to be. Join me as I share helpful and convenient ways to improve yours and your children's diets!

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